Galleries in Edinburgh

National Gallery Complex

The Mound, Edinburgh, EH2 2EL

Open daily 10am-5pm. Thursdays until 7pm.


The National Gallery Complex is right in the heart of Edinburgh, and a venue for international exhibitions. It is home to a major part of Scotland’s sensational national collections of fine art.



National Portrait Gallery 

1 Queen Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1JD

Open daily 10am-5pm. Thursday until 7pm.


The Scottish National Portrait Gallery is situated in the New Town district and was the first purpose-built portrait gallery in the world. It explores the history of Scotland, through the portraits of great Scots.



Modern Art Galleries

75 Belford Road, Edinburgh, EH4 3DR

Open daily 10am-5pm.


The Modern Art Galleries include the Gallery of Modern Art and the nearby Dean Gallery. They are home to an outsdanding national collection of modern and contemporary art.